As the 2020 election season comes around, recent events can make it unclear what to expect when gun owners prepare to vote. Today, we will discuss state options for voting, carry options for outside poll locations, and how to handle demonstrations and large crowds.

Demonstrations and Voting By Mail

The easiest way to handle demonstrations and large crowds is to avoid them. Colorado makes this easy because Colorado elections are conducted mostly by mail. Registered voters should receive a mail-in ballot at their primary address in the weeks before the election and can either return it by mail or drop it off at one of many drop-off boxes provided around the state.

Colorado’s vote by mail system has been in place for about a decade and has proved to be convenient, reliable, and secure.

If you do not wish to vote by mail, or do not receive a mail ballot, Colorado still allows you to vote at a polling place on election day. You can locate you nearest polling place at

Polling Places

Because Colorado’s elections are conducted primarily by mail, demonstrations and crowds at the polling places are not generally an issue—polling places now tend to be fairly sleepy on election day. Also, Colorado law prohibits intimidating voters, as well as “electioneering” within 100 feet of a polling place. If you do encounter demonstrators, they will likely be outside that 100-foot zone. Keep in mind that such people are simply exercising their First Amendment rights and you do not need to engage with them in any manner.

Carrying Firearms to a Polling Station

Though Colorado has no laws specifically prohibiting carrying firearms in a polling place, state law prohibits carrying firearms in public or private schools and colleges—where polling places are often located—and other locations frequently used as polling places, such a municipal buildings, may be subject to local laws banning firearms. As always, you need to ensure you are lawfully permitted to carry a firearm in all locations you intend to be and polling places are no exception to that general rule.

If you have any questions about polling places or prohibited places to carry your firearm, contact U.S. LawShield and ask to speak your Independent Program Attorney.

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