Denied an OSBI Concealed Carry License?

When the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (“OSBI”) denies an applicant a Concealed Handgun License (“CHL”), disappointment and frustration is the result. Common reasons for the denial of a CHL are failure to pass a background check, incomplete application paperwork, failure to qualify due to criminal history, a mental incapacity, or some other mandatory disqualification.

Open Carry in Oklahoma – Background Checks

The failure to pass a background check may be verified by ordering an independent background check from the OSBI in any of the major cities in Oklahoma, or online. The background check costs about $35.00 and will show past criminal history, past domestic violence history, and reveal impediments to obtaining a CHL. However, it will not show medical history or drug use history.

Mental Incapacity

Problems with mental incapacity, attempted suicide, or other health maladies affecting mental stability may be resolved by obtaining the treating physician’s written medical opinion that the mental condition impeding the issuance of a CHL was resolved, and that the medical condition no longer affects the applicant’s judgment or mental stability.

Issues With Paperwork

Paperwork problems, such as incomplete or illegible fingerprints, incomplete answers, or other paperwork defects can be easily solved by re-submitting acceptable fingerprint cards, photos, and a legible, completed application.

Sometimes old criminal charges can be expunged, old victim’s protective orders can be dismissed, and other background errors corrected. In exceedingly rare instances, criminal felony convictions can be overcome by a pardon from the governor of the state where the felony was incurred.

If you have questions about a denial of a CHL please contact U.S. LawShield and ask to speak to an Independent Program Attorney.

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