For hundreds of years, it has been legal for Americans to manufacture their own firearms. However, federal and state laws have become more restrictive in the wake of highly publicized firearm-related incidents and significant improvements in firearm technology. So today, let’s address a debate that has been raging over the years, intensifying recently in the media: “ghost guns.”

Looking Past the Media Hype

“Ghost guns” is a term commonly used to refer to firearms that are made by private individuals rather than commercial firearms companies, and as a result, have no serial number or other identifying markings.

Such weapons are controversial because the component parts can be purchased online and assembled fairly easily, such that ghost guns are considered by some to be a way around the regulatory requirements for buying firearms.

Interestingly, while the Colorado statutes make it illegal to “deface” a firearm by altering or obliterating its serial number, or to possess such a defaced firearm, it is not unlawful to put together a firearm that has no serial number.

Of course, once the ghost gun is assembled, the owner likely could not sell or otherwise transfer the gun because the gun would lack the identifying information necessary to fill out the ATF Form 4473.

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