Hi, Evan Nappen here, U.S. LawShield Independent Program Attorney for New Jersey, and today I want to talk to you about “ghost guns.”

Ghost Guns in New Jersey

New Jersey has a ban on ghost guns. Now one question is, what is a ghost gun? Well, it is not a gun that is possessed by a ghost; it is a pejorative term used to describe guns that someone builds themselves and does not have a serial number.

The Agenda Against Ghost Guns

The government is very concerned about guns that are “untraceable” because this means the gun cannot be registered, and if it can’t be registered, it makes it harder to confiscate, which is of course their ultimate goal. But regardless of that, New Jersey does ban possession of so-called “ghost guns.” The issue of New Jersey banning the acquisition of ghost guns is currently being litigated.

But the bottom line is that New Jersey is eagerly looking to prosecute the possession of ghost guns, and ghost guns can be made from a lower 80% receiver.

As a matter of fact, in New Jersey, a simple piece of metal could be used to allege that you intend to make a ghost gun. New Jersey has also banned the 3D printing of firearms. As a matter of fact, New Jersey goes so far as to ban the data and information that goes into printing a firearm.

Regulations of Digital Data Regarding Ghost Guns

Yes, New Jersey has actually gone so far as to ban possession of plans or other information needed to print a 3D gun. New Jersey has, in fact, turned possession of firearm printing information into an equivalent of child pornography, where its mere possession is prohibited.

Unfortunately, even though under federal law you’re legally allowed to build a gun for yourself, in New Jersey, you shouldn’t  do it. The Government is looking to prosecute folks for this.

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