Orlando 950

Although firearm laws are the same throughout the state, if you are in Orlando, there are some special areas of concern we want to focus on in this article. Orlando is home to not one, but three of the world’s largest theme parks, many hotels, restaurants, night clubs, bars, and other tourist attractions. Additionally, Orlando is home to several professional sports teams like the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Further, the University of Central Florida plays its home games in Orlando. With all that in mind, we want to remind everyone about the laws when going out and about in The City Beautiful.

Restrictions in the Magic Kingdom

It is not commonly known, but firearms are prohibited anywhere on Disney property. That is right, the entire 40 square mile property owned by Walt Disney World is a prohibited area when it comes to carrying a firearm. This includes employees who wish to keep a firearm locked in their vehicle. We get many calls each year from former employees who were terminated when it was discovered they had a firearm in their vehicle on company property. To be clear, it is not legal for a guest at Disney World, whether a CWFL holder or not, to leave a firearm locked in their car in the parking lot, or lawfully carry a firearm within the theme parks or elsewhere on Disney property.

Carrying at Educational or Sports Facilities

Also, remember that under Florida law, firearms are not allowed at school (including college) or professional sporting events. So, if you are heading out to the Magic Game or to watch the Orlando Pride professional soccer team, leave your guns at home or locked in your car. Heading to the Bounce House (Spectrum Stadium) on the Campus of UCF? Better not carry your firearm on campus or into the stadium.

Carrying in a Restaurant

Finally, if you are going to enjoy one of the area’s fine local eateries, remember that you can carry a firearm while you are eating at a restaurant (unless you have actual notice they do not want you to be there with a firearm), but cannot enter the portion of the establishment whose primary income is derived through the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises. If you are heading for an adult night out on the town at City Walk or Church Street, remember that you cannot carry a firearm into a bar in Orlando or anywhere else in Florida.

Each year millions of people come to The City Beautiful to enjoy its unique attractions. If you head to Orlando, make sure you know where you can and cannot carry your firearm. If you have any questions about visiting an Orlando area attraction or any place in the State of Florida, call U.S. LawShield and ask to speak with your Independent Program Attorney.

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