Learn more about Sportsman Law with Texas LawShield at the Redneck Country Club

Did you know that more than 16,000 violations are recorded by Texas Game Wardens every year? Mistakes in the woods and on water happen, and while unintentional, you could still be breaking the law. Learn more about sportsman law with Texas LawShield and Hunter Shield.

Texas wildlife laws are surprisingly complicated, which is why we are partnering with our good friends at the Redneck Country Club to bring you a series of unique seminar topics, starting with a Sportsman Law Seminar on August 15.

Come join us while our guest speakers guide you through a range of subjects, such as essential law every hunter and angler needs to know, sportsman mistakes, real stories from a retired Texas Game Warden, and complex game laws that even the most avid sportsmen may not know.

With Hunter Shield, it’s always a guided hunt.

Seats are limited, so reserve your spot today by clicking the link below.

Sportsman Law Seminar

Redneck Country Club

Stafford, TX 77477


6:00 PM to 9:00 PM


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