Defensive Use of Firearms

If you ever have to use your firearm in self-defense, there are some commonsense steps that will help you negotiate the aftermath. Watch two Independent Program Attorneys in the video explain what to do after you know you are safe. What you do in the immediate aftermath of using your firearm is very very important and it may just keep you out of jail.

Calling 911

The first thing that you should do after having to use your firearm is make sure that you are safe make sure the scene is secure before putting away your firearm, then you’ll want to call 911. All 911 calls are recorded so you want to keep your answers to the 9-1-1 operator very brief.
You’re calling 9-1-1 to report that you have been the victim of a crime, you’re calling to report that somebody just broke into your house, or that someone just attempted to rob you at the gas station. The point of the 9-1-1 call is not to report that you had to shoot somebody, it is to tell them that you have been victimized and you need assistance in this situation.
Now on that 9-1-1 call give them the basic information and don’t step outside of that basic information. Only tell them that you’ve been the victim of a crime, what your name is, where you are, and what service you’ll be needing. A 911 operator is trained to keep you on the line in the hopes of extracting more information from you. However, this would not be wise because you would not want something you said on the 911 call to ultimately be used against you.

In the call with 911 you can call your lawyer. Tell the attorney what incident just happened to you and your attorney will then be able to advise you as to what to tell the police, if anything, once they arrive on the scene. When police arrive on the scene it’s going to be a very stressful situation! Stressful for them and stressful for you as well, be sure at the most opportune time to identify yourself as the 911 caller and the victim of a crime. Remember to comply with all police officer demands in a very non-threatening manner. Remember the role of the police is to investigate, their role is not to hold court in the front yard. They are not there to determine whether you were justified in using your firearm.


You may be arrested, good guys get arrested every day, so it is very important that you follow your attorneys advice invoke your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and your right to counsel and remain as calm and non-threatening as possible throughout the entire process.