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Our Company Values Are Built
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Building a strength-in-numbers community.


Being strong advocates for lawful self-defense.


Tirelessly working to protect our members’ freedom.


Equipping our members with relevant state-specific legal information.


Earning our members’ trust through honesty, integrity, and reliability.


Protecting you with comprehensive, accessible, and affordable services.

Our mission-driven organization began in Texas.

Our Mission

Our mission remains unchanged and as focused as it has always been, something we call Preserving Freedom for GoodTM. It involves educating our members in self-defense law; empowering them to handle critical, life-threatening situations with confidence; and protecting them from potential injustices in the legal system after acts of self-defense.

Our Heritage

Our organization traces its roots to 2009, when a group of pioneering lawyers became fed up with the hostility and abuse in the legal system directed toward responsible gun owners. They saw innocent people suffering the terrible consequences of someone else’s choice to commit crime. And to make matters worse, those people were tied up in the legal system, struggling to defend themselves. Lawful people were experiencing financial duress, bankruptcy, or—worst of all—going to jail.

The Second Amendment states “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” And yet, every day our founders saw law-abiding, responsible gun owners experiencing mistreatment in the legal system—as if they were the ones who had done something wrong. To fight these injustices, our founders chose to stand up for the rights of the American people and become a champion for good and the voice of justice. That’s when the idea for our company was born: the first concealed weapon legal defense program to truly provide Legal Defense for Self-Defense.

Texas Roots

Our business was born in Texas and continues today from our headquarters in Houston, Texas. For many years, we provided our program to law-abiding residents of Texas and were known as Texas LawShield®. But demand for services existed well beyond the state of Texas, and our team expanded to other states. Along the way, we took on the name U.S. LawShield®.

Today, we serve members across the majority of the United States. While we are honored that our focus and mission have really resonated with so many people—attracting hundreds of thousands across the country—we will never forget what brought us together or why we exist to serve members, and we will always stay close to our Texas roots. It is said the people of Texas have unique characteristics, such as independence, self-reliance, can-do spirits, and big hearts for caring about each other. We work to convey this in all we do for our members.

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We believe in empowering our members through knowledge, education, and a self-defense mindset. You’ll find we challenge the status quo regarding the affordability of legal defense. And we exist to support and protect our members’ fundamental legal rights in a potentially hostile legal system. Our higher purpose is to create a united community of responsible individuals who believe in liberty and the inalienable right of self-defense. Naturally, we invite you to join our community by becoming a member.

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While we come from all walks of life, we are all passionate advocates of the 2nd Amendment who believe in the right to keep and bear arms.

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