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Firearm Law Update: Florida District Judge Permits Firearms in Post Office

2024-02-08T10:13:25-06:00January 29th, 2024|Tags: , , |

U.S. district judge Kathryn Mizelle of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division, ruled in January 2024 that carrying a firearm into a U.S. post office was permitted for U.S. postal worker Emmanuel Ayala, deeming the federal ban on firearm possession in U.S. postal facilities unconstitutional.

  • Scary Safe: 5 Tips for Halloween Safety

Scary Safe: 5 Tips for Halloween Safety

2023-10-31T17:14:06-05:00October 25th, 2023|

Halloween: the holiday where spooky is expected and the creepier things are, the better. But if you think your only fear should be running out of candy too early, you need to think again. Between watching “Hocus Pocus” while carving pumpkins and eating our weight in bite-size chocolates, it’s easy to forget the importance of Halloween safety.

  • Castle Doctrine

The Ultimate Guide to Castle Doctrine Law

2023-11-13T11:53:37-06:00September 1st, 2023|

As a responsible gun owner, it is important to be familiar with the various laws, legal theories, and legal terms related to self-defense. “Castle Doctrine” is one such legal theory.

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