Being a U.S. LawShield® member has its PERKS!

As a U.S. LawShield member, you’ll not only enjoy the premier legal defense for self-defense coverage in the nation, but you can also take advantage of MANY member-only discounts at a variety of retailers, both on a national and local level. Simply use your convenient Member Perks locator below to begin enjoying exclusive pricing at firearms shops, gun ranges, restaurants, national chains, and more. Thanks for being part of our member family!

“I just want to say again how much I appreciate your organization and the knowledge that you’re always there for us average citizens. I hope I never have to use your services, but so far I’m confident that when I need you that you’ll be there for me.”

John F., Houston, TX

Hi I wanted to thank you all for what you did for me I have been trying to get my CCW for 2 years they have held me up for no reason and not denied or giving me my license until I asked you all for help and the lady I forget her name sent them an email and the next day which was two days ago my license was accepted and they’re mailing it to me thank you very much.

Mark Levin, Orange City, Florida

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